Vince Scarpitti has been a member of LaFlavour for quite some time now, starting with the band during the summer of 1996. He began playing drums at age 4, listening to early Beatles albums and trying to copy Ringo Starr. When LaFlavour scored a # 7 Billboard hit with "Mandolay", Vince was a senior at Canton Central Catholic High School, and never dreamed that one day he'd be providing that distinctive beat to "Mandolay" onstage. Vince was originally recruited as a fill-in for Steve Nervo . When Steve decided to give up regular live performing to concentrate on recording and special appearances during LaFlavour's Summer Concert Series , Vince was asked to stay - and he got to fulfill a dream - to work with LaFlavour as a full-fledged member.

Vince had previously played in Canton's famous "Overture Band" with cabaret performers Khikai and Danny Mac, and recorded 7 albums with musician / singer / composer Jack Chesterfield , a collaboration that continued right up until Jack's untimely death in September of 2003. Prior to his work at the Overture, Vince was in the legendary Canton rock band Brimstone , led by recording artist Chris Wintrip, as well as the bands Essence, Act Two, The Gale Parsons Band, Lotus, and Touch. He also spent several years polishing his jazz chops in the local clubs, working with some of Northeast Ohio's finest musicians. Vince's style is alive and energetic, and always gets LaFlavour fans out of their seats and onto their feet!

Vince currently uses a custom-made 20th Anniversary Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit, as well as a variety of Avedis Zildian, Sabian, and Wuhan cymbals, and Calato Regal Tip Speed EX sticks. Vince uses a custom Audio Technica in-ear monitor system (thanks Buford!) and Heil microphones.

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