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Yes, in LaFlavour, miracles can happen! After a decade and a half away from the music business, original LaFlavour keyboardist/vocalist Rick Dotin returned to his familiar spot behind the keys for LaFlavour's 2006 Summer Concert Series. Rick didn't decide to "come out of mothballs" in a subtle way - that's simply not his style. Instead, he assembled a modern state-of-the-art digital keyboard rig sure to make any worthwhile L.A. session cat drool. When he arrived at the first LaFlavour concert rehearsal, his skeptical bandmates suddenly found their jaws collectively on the studio floor when they realized Mr. Dotin hadn't lost ANY of his trademark chops he became so known for during his long tenure with the band during the 70's and 80's.

Rick began playing with The Boys back in the early 70's when they were still struggling to get recognition as "Ragweed". Once they changed their name to "Flavour", then became national hitmakers as "LaFlavour" at the start of the 80's, Rick had already become known across the country as a technical keyboard wizard as well as a compelling lead singer. Rick's stage rig consisted of every single keyboard Rick Wakeman ever dreamed about, and was built onto an incredible keyboard riser that allowed him to tower over the band. Ever since Rick slipped into retirement in the early 90's, LaFlavour fans have constantly asked "What ever happened to the tall and talented keyboard player who controlled all that musical hardware with his arms outstretched?" The members of LaFlavour have a suitable answer: "He's back again for the 2012 Summer Concert Series performing all that great show material you've come to expect from us over the years and doing an awesome job providing much of the orchestration!"

Rick's recorded work can be heard on LaFlavour's hit album from 1980, "Mandolay", as well as their out-of-print follow-up album "Fair Warning." Along with the rest of LaFlavour, he is planning to participate in a "live" DVD to be recorded at some of the larger shows this summer.

Rick uses: Kurzweil & Ensoniq keyboards; Heil Microphones: www.heilsound.com

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