Pete's Page


Pete Nervo is LaFlavour's "Utility Man". Whether it's adding a special touch to the band's arrangements with his distinctive guitar style, or playing saxophone or keyboards, Pete's contribution to LaFlavour has helped round out their full sound for more than 30 years. Pete's vocal style goes "waaay down low" Melvin from the Temptations! Along with his musical talents, Pete is probably best remembered for his years on the road with LaFlavour doing the voice of "Nick", the more obnoxious of the two LaFlavour puppets!  Pete's comedic genius was appreciated from coast to coast during the 70's and 80's.  Pete is the twin brother of original LaFlavour drummer Steve Nervo, and the co-writer of LaFlavour's first hit single "When The Whistle Blows". 


Pete uses: Fender Stratocaster guitar; Yamaha Keyboards; Heil Microphones:         


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