Gino's Page


Gino Milchak is La Flavour's "bass man". He not only plays bass guitar, but adds a unique style to La Flavour's techno-dance tunes on his keyboard bass, making him one of the most versatile bassists in the country. Gino also provides a vital part to La Flavour's harmony stack, often taking the highest voice - always distinctive and first-class. Gino spent many years on the road with La Flavour knockin' 'em dead as the voice of Franklin, one of the famous La Flavour puppets. His comic flair helped gain the band popularity from Atlantic City to Orlando. None of the above talents, however, have been as important to La Flavour fans as Gino's dynamic stage presence. Gino has been La Flavour's "heart & soul" for over 30 years, and he doesn't show any signs of slowing down.


Gino uses Yamaha bass guitar; Nano bass synthesizer; Hartke amplification; and Heil Microphones:

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