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Craig DeBock is La Flavour's "main man", and has been for over 30 years. He doesn't like to be called the leader, but simply put, Craig's leadership abilities are among the many reasons for the band's ongoing success. Although he's one of the finest saxophone players anywhere, Craig handles so many other responsibilities that his unique woodwind style is sometimes taken for granted.


Craig also fronts the band with an energetic lead vocal style, and a stage presence that commands audiences everywhere. He also plays guitar and handles the electronic percussion programming for the band. If all that isn't enough, Craig manages to stay on top of the band's finances and business matters, including bookings, transportation, and the band's apparel. Craig leads La Flavour like a conductor directs an orchestra; firmly but calmly - with a sincere and friendly personality that has made him a respected member of the show business community all over the country.

Craig uses Selmer alto & tenor saxophones; Cannonball soprano saxophone; Ibanez acoustic guitar; Line 6 Variax Guitar; and Heil Microphones:

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