BRIMSTONE : Formed in Canton, Ohio by Chris Wintrip during the early 1970's. The band went through many incarnations through the years, but will probably be best remembered for their debut album in 1973 titled "Paper Winged Dreams", which has recently been released on Compact Disc by Chris Wintrip, Gregg Andrews, and Bernie Nau. The original Brimstone lineup (for the PWD album) was:

- Gregg Andrews / vocals

- Christopher Wintrip / electric guitars, classical and acoustic guitars, vocals

- Bernie Nau / Hammond A-100, 1920 Steinway, ARP synthesizer, clarinet, vocals

- Ken Miller / bass guitar, vocals

- Jimmy Papatoukakis / percussion, vocals

By the time LaFlavour's Vince Scarpitti joined Brimstone at the age of 24, the band had just come off the road as a 6-piece show group and begun a new phase of working the dance clubs in the early '80's. Although more road work would be necessary to keep the band working, the goal was to stay based out of Northeast Ohio and try not to travel "too" much! The first incarnation of Brimstone Vince joined is pictured below:



Joe Rogers, Vince Scarpitti, Mark Rogers, Don Cameron, Dan Porter

In Loving Memory of S. Mark Rogers

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